The Fort St-Jean Corporation: an enchanted setting for your events

The Fort St-Jean Corporation (FSJC) is an integral part its town’s heritage and has been making events memorable for over 20 years! Located just next to the Richelieu River, the fort offers a wide variety of facilities and services to meet your needs. We can make your wedding the most wonderful day of your life, help your colleagues build strong relationships with a team building activity, or ensure the success of your annual event.

If you are from the Montégérie region, you have probably heard of the Fort Saint-Jean and the beautiful settings that hide behind its stone walls. But what made this little treasure open its doors to the public? Here is a quick overview of how this great idea came about…

The Early Days: the Corporation then and now

The Fort St-Jean Corporation (FSJC) was established back in 1995, just after the closure of the Royal Military College Saint-Jean (RMC Saint-Jean).

The Conseil Économique du Haut-Richelieu (CLD) at the time entered into an agreement with the federal government to allow the Fort St-Jean Corporation to manage and maintain the site and prevent it from becoming neglected.

Five years later, the Corporation and the CLD signed a new 25-year agreement stating that the Department of National Defense would be the main tenant of the site.

During this period, the team was committed to marketing the site and its facilities by offering its military and commercial clients a variety of services, including accommodations and catering.

A perfect solution for the military and civilians

Since the RMC Saint-Jean reopened and resumed its normal business activity in 2008, the Corporation has been responsible for managing the site and offering a variety of services to officer cadets. This business model, which is truly unique in Canada, fosters cohesion between the military and civilians.

Our Mission

The FSJC is responsible for preserving, restoring and operating the Royal Military College Saint-Jean in accordance with the needs of the Department of National Defense.

Our Vision

To revolutionize as a business model the sphere of public/governmental management.

Our Values

Our values are central to our success and include:

  • Team spirit
  • Respect for others
  • Rigour and perseverance
  • Excellence
  • Loyalty and integrity
  • Health and safety in the workplace
  • Innovation

Team spirit:

We take team spirit a step further. For us, team spirit is all about supporting and cooperating with one another. It means putting group objectives before individual objectives and proposing ideas that improve the group’s cohesion and performance. It’s also about sharing information and listening to other people’s points of views while being able to reach a consensus. To maintain team spirit, you have to be positive, prevent rumours and offset negative behaviour.

Rigour and perseverance:

When we take decisions, we ensure they conform to the FSJC’s policies. We also focus on our mission, even when faced with challenges and last-minute changes.  We also stick to the established procedures and carry out regular monitoring to ensure that we respect our budget, deadlines and way of functioning. Each and every one of the FSJC’s employees leads by example.

Loyalty and integrity:

Sticking to our promises, keeping our word, being honest at all times, abiding by a code of ethics, respecting and promoting social and organizational norms, saying things as they are, admitting our errors, refusing to tolerate complacency, and respecting confidentiality.

Respect for others:

Respecting all employees at the FSJC, as well as their strengths and their differences. Employees must behave respectfully towards their colleagues, their workplace and their clients. All employees must be free to openly express their positive comments and constructive observations.

Health and safety in the workplace:

We offer a clean, healthy and safe working environment and we expect everyone to respect the established norms and security rules when working. Health is a number-one priority for us and no one is put at risk.  


We aim for excellence. We aim for nothing less than continual improvement and are committed to exceeding expectations.  

Excellence is all about giving everything you have and aiming higher…


We think outside the box and think differently. We always question ourselves to increase both the quality and quantity of our services.

Creativity, initiative and innovative thinking are at the heart of our daily routine. To put it simply, we embrace change.

Chaise adirondak sur le site de la Corporation du Fort St-Jean

Originally a Fort, then a Corporation and finally the RMC Saint-Jean: the history of a historic site

The Fort St-Jean has a rich history that deserves to be told…


The first French fort was built. In addition to protecting against the First Nations’ attacks, the fort was where the Great Peace Treaty was signed in 1701. It was subsequently abandoned.
The French built a second fort on the site. The capitulation of Quebec meant that it was no longer needed and was therefore destroyed the following year.
For the first time, the British built a fort on the site. It was key to fighting off the Americans during a 45-day siege led by General Montgomery.
The official opening of the Royal Military College Saint-Jean. Operating for approximately 43 years, the RMC Saint-Jean was the first and only bilingual military university in Canada and could lead to the promotion of military officers to the rank of second lieutenant.
Closure of the Royal Military College St-Jean and birth of the Fort Saint-Jean Corporation.
Reopening of the RMC Saint-Jean and resumption of business operations. Preparatory year and first year of college were offered. Students were then transferred to the Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston to finish their studies.
The Royal Military College Saint-Jean’s 60th birthday offered a unique occasion to celebrate its heritage!
The 350th birthday of the city of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu was a perfect moment to celebrate the first people who settled on its territory back in 1666. This festive year highlighted our history, our pride and our success stories.
After 10 years of lobbying different authorities, the Royal Military College Saint-Jean regained its official university status.
Arrival of the first university cohort hoping to receive a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies.
Dame de dos qui regarde des photo sur un mur

Social engagement is central to the Corporation’s work

It is a fact; the Fort St-Jean Corporation loves to give back!

We are socially engaged in our field and are committed to supporting local and regional economic, cultural, social and military organizations through community initiatives. We give back a part of the profit generated from these events to the community in the form of financial support.

The FSJC is also a huge supporter of its partners’ and employees’ favourite causes and ensures they play a part in its organizational values.

A few causes and organizations we support :

  • Art[o], la coop créative
  • Association of the Canadian Forces Leadership and Recruit School
  • Centre d’aide aux entreprises Haute-Montérégie
  • Chambre de commerce et de l’industrie du Haut-Richelieu
  • Chapitre Fort Saint-Jean
  • Hautes-Rivières School Board
  • Conseil Économique & Tourisme Haut-Richelieu
  • Fondation Cégep Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu
  • RMC Foundation
  • Quebec Veterans Foundation
  • Fondation Santé Haut-Richelieu-Rouville
  • L’Étoile, pédiatrie sociale
  • Canadian War Museum
  • Fort Saint-Jean Museum
  • Musée du Haut-Richelieu
  • Société de développement Vieux-Saint-Jean
  • Société Saint-Vincent-de-Paul