In keeping with its mission, vision and values, the Fort St-Jean Corporation refurbishes its buildings, respects environmental norms, organizes military and public events, provides a catering service, and much more…

Our procurement department identifies and recommends a variety of suppliers to meet the business’ diverse needs.

  • We have over 400 active suppliers.
  • We solicit over 40 invitational and public tenders each year.

We’re always looking for competent and dedicated suppliers of goods and services to help us maintain our excellent standards.

Contact us and tell us about your goods and services

Would you like to do business with us? Send us your publicity brochures and/or any relevant information by email to the following address: contratsetdevis@cfsj.qc.ca

We can’t wait to hear all about you!

Public tenders – contracts starting at 50,000$

Do you want to submit tenders for major contracts? Follow us on MERX—a website that publishes public tenders online.

Take a look at the official documents at the following address: 


You’ll find the Fort St-Jean Corporation under the “Agencies, Crown & Private Corporations” tab.