Environmental Responsibility Policy

For the Fort St-Jean Corporation, being eco-friendly is of the upmost importance. We are proud of the fact that we have had an environmental management system in place since 2015. What’s more, we have adopted a green environmental policy that features seven pledges to help us meet our current operational needs without compromising those of the next generation.


Icône d'arbres
Trees planted in 2018
99 %
Reduction in halocarbon releases
Icône d'herbe
Icône de vélo
Self-service bicycles for employees
Icône de maison
1,6 M$
invested in energy efficiency

Green initiatives to save the planet

  • Tree planting: in the summer of 2018, we planted over 200 trees to increase the amount of greenery at the RMC Saint-Jean.
  • Comprehensive study of archaeological potential: we have been collecting data on the work that we have done on the site since 2007 to ensure that we document and preserve our archeological resources, all of which come from different periods of the military occupation.
  • Reduction, in 2017, of 99% in halocarbon releases from air conditioning and refrigeration systems after having carried out preventative maintenance on these systems.
  • Development of a Contaminated Sites Management Plan aiming to reduce risks to human health and the environment. Since 2015, we have disposed of around 3087 metric tons of contaminated soil in accordance with applicable regulations.
  • Development of an Action Plan: this plan, requiring an investment of around $1,600,000, aims to improve our overall energy efficiency and establish various energy-saving measures.
  • Implementing an awareness and training programme covering various topics, including food waste, consuming less tap water, using less residual materials, recovery of residual hazardous materials, grasscycling, using less plastic, and reducing GHGs by opting for self-service bikes and public transport.
  • Development of plans and specifications to highlight our National Historic Site of Canada to, for example, renaturalize 990 meters of the Richelieu’s riverbanks.